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Wifgasindo Dinamika Instrument Engineering is appointed as Sole Agent/Distributor by the Principals listed below:

This will enable us to promote, solicit orders and do after sales services for the products manufactured by Principals:

Thermal Dispersion Type:

  • Flow Switches
  • Level and Interface Level Switches
  • Gas and Air Mass Flow Meter:
  • Flare Flow meter; Stack Flow meter; Air Flow meter for Compressor


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Industrial Automation - Fieldbus Technology

Industrial Automation - 4 ~ 20 mA/HART Technology

  • LD301 Series Pressure Transmitters     
  • TT301 Series Temperature Transmitters
  • FY301 Valve Positioners
  • IP301 Current to Pneumatic Converter
  • CONF301 Windows?based HART System Configurator

Industrial Automation - ProfibusPA Technology

  • LD303 Series Profibus PA Pressure Transmitters     
  • TT303 Series Profibus PA Temperature Transmitters
  • IF303 Current to Profibus PA Converter
  • FI303 Profibus PA to Current Converter
  • FY303 Profibus PA Valve Positioners
  • FP303 Profibus PA to Pneumatic Signal Converter

Industrial Automation - System Packages

  • SYSTEM302 Enterprise Fieldbus Control System
  • SYSCON Windows NT?based Fieldbus System Configurator
  • LC700 Programmable Controller, conventional I/O and Fieldbus Module
  • CONF700 Windows?based LC700 System Configurator
  • SMCT302 Telemetry Measurement and Control System
  • CD600 Multi-Loop Digital Controller
  • CONF600 Windows?based CD600 System Configurator

  • Fire Detector: UV, IR and UV/IR

  • Gas Detector for:

  • Combustible Gases: Point and Line of Sight Detection

  • Toxic Gases: H2S, CO, CL2

  • Other: O2

  • Eagle Quantum Premier System - Intelligent Hazard Event Monitoring System (2 wire system), with NFPA Approved suppression System.


  • Solutions for Operational Excellence

    AnalytiX - Solutions for Operational Excellence

    Solutions for Operational Excellence

    AnalytiX?is a suite of products that transform large amounts of real-time data from manufacturing and facility operations into Actionable Intelligence. Use the AnalytiX products to drive improvement in productivity, efficiency, quality and sustainability. The AnalytiX products organize your critical operating information with a user definable S95-compatible Asset Catalog for analysis, viewing, and operation. A wide variety of analysis functions is provided with each AnalytiX product, and the user has the ability to expand analysis with their own calculations. The suite includes rich, dynamic visualization tools that convey concise and appropriate information for the application and user role.

    Energy AnalytiX - Advanced Energy Management Software
    Facility AnalytiX
    - Predictive Software for Facilities Management
    Quality AnalytiX - Complete SPC Quality Software Solution
    Productivity Analytics - Visual OEE, KPIs and Analysis for Operational Excellence
    Alarm Analytics
    - Alarm Management, Reporting and Analysis

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Updated: April 07, 2014

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