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Founded in 1983 by Waskita Indrasutanta, Andy Solikin and two other gentlemen. Company WIFGASINDO is named to our ultimate goal to being a Worldwide Industrial Field General Services headquarter domiciled in Indonesia, as a single vendor responsibility to provide quality solutions focusing in industrial field services to  International customers worldwide. 

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WIFGASINDO DINAMIKA INSTRUMENT ENGINEERING, PT (PTWD) started doing industrial field general services such as sand blasting and painting for offshore platforms. As the background and experiences of the founders are in Instrumentation and Control Systems, PTWD utilize its strength and develop its competence in this specialty. However, PTWD still develop its capabilities to all industrial field services and develop the market to worldwide customers as set when the company is founded.

Starting with two engineers of founders, PTWD has grown by today staffed with over 70 employees in which over 40 of them are well trained competence engineers and technicians. PTWD organization structure is grown and developed to enable PTWD executing full E-P-C-C (Engineering – Procurement – Construction – Commisioning) jobs, hence providing solutions to customer requirements at the highest quality and standard practice. Besides our own 670 m2 Headquater Main Office, PTWD is now facilitated with 750 m2 Workshop for engineering, systems staging, training and storing construction equipments and 280 m2 Warehouse for construction equipments and other storing facilities.

In the year 2016, PTWD has completed and is awarded with 4,000,000 (four million) SAFE MANHOURS on a single Electrical and Instrumentation construction project.


Headquarter Office

Wifgasindo Dinamika Instrument Engineering, PT.WDJOffice

Perkantoran Tomang Tol Raya Block I/46,

Jl. Kedoya Agave Raya, Jakarta 11520, Indonesia

Phone                                        : +62(21) 580-1125

Fax                                            : +62(21) 580-3274


Sales, Marketing, General           : sales@wifgas.com

Systems & Support                     : systems@wifgas.com

Website                                      : http://wifgas.com

Workshop, System Staging, Panel Assembly, Repair and Demo Facilities

Kawasan Pergudangan Pusat Niaga Terpadu, Blok A8 Unit C-DWWS Daan Mogot

Jln. Daan  Mogot KM 19,6, Tangerang, 15122, Indonesia

Phone                                         : +62(21) 5436-5209, 5436-5210





Board of Directors and The TEAM

BOD Photo 

Staffed with over 70 Employees in which over 40 of them are well trained competence Engineers and Technicians    

Revenue Performance

Sales Achievement 2006-2015

Since founded in 1983 PTWD has grown and reach over US$ 13,500,000 (thirteen million five hundred thousand United States Dollar) revenue for year 2015.

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